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If you have problems with wildlife invading your home you don’t need to go after harm to remove them, there are simple things you can do to keep them out of your home and still let them be free. First of all, you need to find out how the animal is getting into your house look for holes, spaces, anything they could crawl in from or signs of where they are staying at. There are differences between all these animals and how you can determine which animal it is. Bats and Racoons are nocturnal so you will hear more noise from them in the night time unlike squirrels who you will hear more noise from in the day time. Although is they are flying squirrels they will be more active in the night time. For Squirrel Removal you need to find thee hole they are coming in from, put steel mesh into the hole, find the main entry hole and insert a trap and then the squirrels will be gone, you’ll stop hearing the noises and you will need to clean up the urine, feces and nesting material the squirrels left behind. For Raccoon Removal the first step is checking all of your trash cans if you expect something. They can get in to your trash cans so it would be smart to purchase metal ones instead of plastic ones so it is more secure. If they have already made holes in the trash can you need to patch them up with newspaper and see if they try to remove the newspaper. Mainly, you just need to keep your trashcan and area around your trash can clean and they will go away because whatSquirrel Removal 2 they are searching for is food. Bat Removal is one of the hardest to do. Bats are very sneaky, they have many ways to get into your house and before you can stop anything you need to find out what species they are which is difficult. You may need to call and have an expert help you because it will be tricky to find where they came in since they are very small and you will probably need help patching up the holes they made. You first need to set exclusion traps by each one of the holes until you know the bats are gone. Once you know they are gone you need to patch up everywhere around with plastic because they have a hard time chewing through that. After the removal process make sure you clean up all of the contamination they left behind. This part is very important. These are the best ways to remove the wildlife from your house, don’t resort to harming them in any way.